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Glimmering Nymph

It was a long time since I last wrote here, and even longer since I posted a new filk song.

But it's time for Bellman, and in English! It even connects with the old Filk Tradition of doing relatively straight adaptions of Scandinavian ballads (see also: Mary O'Meara and A Flower and a Hufflepuff).

One of Bellman's most enduring songs is Fredman's Epistle n:o 72 (Youtube), commonly known by its opening words "Glimmande nymf". There is a translation to English by Paul Britten Austin, available on Spotify, but like many of his translations I think it removes too much of the gutter nature in Bellman.

Because this is very much a song about physical love and sex, and so it fit very well with the relentlessly smutty urban fantasy series Good Intentions by Elliott Kay. Then I realised that the events in the first version of epistle 72, written 19 years earlier (Youtube), and which is far more bawdy and comic, fit perfectly to a specific scene in the first book. Technically the song is thus a big spoiler, but the scene pretty much flies past and doesn't really play a big role in the larger narrative.

Glimmering nymph: smoldering eyes
Body allures, on pillows it flies
Strength from your plea:
“Come, come with your key”
In a silent, empty house
God of sleep, our Morpheus
Take off your dress, this lovely attire
Open your chest, for longing desire
So come now to my bed
And bra and panties shed
Lay down and feel my Violin. :||:

Pleasure it starts, hear Lorelei
Birds cease their song, they leave for the sky
Sun has gone below
The blood begun to flow
Solitude and silence reign
I to Freyja go again.
Hear, hear my plea, my pleasure awaken
Open your walls, my passion to slaken
And open your soft gate
To heaven it’s a strait
Hear my Violin, its mighty blow. :||:

Freyja, your arch, your flawless bud
Tasting your lips, a flowering flood
All feelings you’re taking
You’re drawing and quaking
Swooning, shaking, fainting, dies
Lorelei she is my prize
Lori, you dies, heaven! she gives breath
Death turns to life and love begets death
But oh, what was that crack
My hipbone hurts now, ack
Where did she go, my Lorelei
Where did she go, my phone great thanks

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