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She's Got a Bear - Brasklapp [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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She's Got a Bear [May. 20th, 2017|11:49 pm]

Given the position that Per Gessle has in Swedish music, I think it was inevitable that I'd filk one of his songs at some time. But I didn't expect it to be one of his English songs, and especially not The Look (Youtube) with Roxette.

Built on Finns chanting na-na-na-na in a bar in Helsinki, reported by a Swedish fan wearing a polar bear hat in her Facebook status. And no, I never imagine I will sing this one.

Walking through the con
Tweeting like a hammer,
She's a fan among fen.
Never was a quitter,
Happy as a rainbow,
She's got a bear.
Helsinki bound
'Cause Worldcon got her number
When she's spinning webs around,
With dillcrisp at her side
Her cats are standing by her
She's got a bear

She's got a bear
She's got a bear
Showing that all the girls in fandom can belong
And everything she ever does is for the con
And I go: la la la la la
She's got a bear

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