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March of the Dendarii Cavalry

I'm quite sure this is in need of further polishing, but at times you just have to open up things for critique. So here is the "March of the Dendarii Cavalry During the First Cetagendan War".


The Dendarii mountains are our home by birth
there blazes the hearth on the storm-battered earth
there grew by the sword strong and sinewy hand
there honour and faith in the bosom was fanned

We watered in Kithera our boisterous horse
he forded the rivers, held fast to the course
he carried avenging steel of our host
he drank by the Star Bridge a cheerful toast

And if we ride forth over gravel and ash,
then flames and lights from the hooves will flash,
then each strike of the sword is a hammer blow,
then future day's light on the world will glow.


Have faith you who suffer in darkness and pain!
We're coming, we're coming, to release your chain.
No serfs are toiling in the hills of our hearts
Free we ride to battle with martial arts.

At Hassadar we embraced Estif with a strong flame;
we wrote on Yenaro's painted face our name;
we gave the ghem at Marigrad singed hair
we bled with the Emp'ror in battle fair

And if we ride forth from the mountains we freed
to the clashing of steel and fresh wounds that bleed
the trumpets sound forth the victory star.
Forward, brave troop! For Piotr and Barrayar!

Notes for the sung version (things may look odd, but so did the notes I have for the piece).

The original? The tune might in part actually go back to the 30-years-war, but text was written by Zacharias Topelius in 1872. It has far too many names:

  • In Swedish it's Finska rytteriets marsch i trettiåra kriget
  • In Finnish it's Suomalaisen ratsuväen marssi 30-vuotisessa sodassa or Hakkapelittain Marssi
  • In German it's Schwedischer Reitermarsch
  • In English it's March of the Finnish Cavalry or March of the Hakkapeliittas

There are plenty of Youtubes of it, but there really is just one group that does it real justice, and they'd fit in right on Barrayar. It's the first piece played right after their entrance.
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