Karl-Johan (kjn) wrote,

Sad Puppies (filk)

It seems like another Sad Puppy slate is starting to form up. While Brad Torgerson (who seems to be the one stepping into the breach this time) seems to be less inclined to confrontation for confrontation's sake than Larry Correia, he's still picking up the old brand and many of the same talking points.

Then daev put out an open challenge to filkers over on james_nicoll LJ. This was the result, to the tune of the Black Adder theme song.

The sound of postings on the net
good fans, lock down your comment sections.
Beware they seek the deadly set
that spawns objections and rejections.
Sad puppies, sad puppies!
They seek the perfect screed.
Sad puppies, sad puppies!
They're very sad indeed.
Sad: the books they find deserving.
Sad: their look when Hugos settle.
From bias Hugos they are saving;
their pot is blacker than their kettle.
Sad puppies, sad puppies, now planning their reruns.
Sad puppies, sad puppies, you poor and little ones.

As usual, comments and ideas for improvements are welcome.
Tags: filk
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