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Geeking the kid, sort of - Brasklapp [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Geeking the kid, sort of [Nov. 5th, 2014|05:08 pm]
Hulda has been talking a lot about Malala, and she's starting to express an interest in songs. So today I introduced her to two songs:

  • Vi måste höja våra röster, a practical guide to girls and women on how to make their voices heard (there's more modern version by Örngott that's also quite good)

  • Rebellflickan, the Swedish translation of Joe Hill's The Rebel Girl. (Yes, I know the lyrics feel dated today, but consider that it was written in 1915 by a man that had quite the puritanical upbringing.)

"The Rebel Girl", by the way, has a strange position in Joe Hill's oeuvre. There are great English versions of most of his songs, but when listening to "The Rebel Girl" most versions feel "off" to me. Just about any Swedish version just clicks, however, and I have a feeling it's much more popular here than in the US. I think that's because the one of his works that shows his Swedish background most closely—it's explicitly written in the tradition of Swedish ballads (but the article somehow manages to omit just about the entire tradition before the 20th century), unlike his other songs.