Taco Bell, fold the corners in well

A fellow filker noted that they worked at Taco Bell and sang work shanties there. Taco Bell and sailors' songs combined into something unholy here, based on my infamous poem on Tumblr and Evert Taube's lullaby Byssan lull, based on Fiskeskärsmelodin.

||: Taco Bell, fold the corners in well
Three people are coming down the road :||
The first with missing eye
The second with red hair
The third is lying in the gutter

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Glimmering Nymph

It was a long time since I last wrote here, and even longer since I posted a new filk song.

But it's time for Bellman, and in English! It even connects with the old Filk Tradition of doing relatively straight adaptions of Scandinavian ballads (see also: Mary O'Meara and A Flower and a Hufflepuff).

One of Bellman's most enduring songs is Fredman's Epistle n:o 72 (Youtube), commonly known by its opening words "Glimmande nymf". There is a translation to English by Paul Britten Austin, available on Spotify, but like many of his translations I think it removes too much of the gutter nature in Bellman.

Because this is very much a song about physical love and sex, and so it fit very well with the relentlessly smutty urban fantasy series Good Intentions by Elliott Kay. Then I realised that the events in the first version of epistle 72, written 19 years earlier (Youtube), and which is far more bawdy and comic, fit perfectly to a specific scene in the first book. Technically the song is thus a big spoiler, but the scene pretty much flies past and doesn't really play a big role in the larger narrative.

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Vaccine rollout

With the new Covid vaccines available in limited numbers, I've been mulling a bit on the principles used for distribution. That health care personnel should get first dibs is a given for me, but this article shows that the same questions can arise within that group as well: Stanford apologizes after doctors protest vaccine plan that put frontline workers at back of line

There are at least three different principles that I can see guide the vaccine rollout for health care personnel:

  1. People most exposed to the vaccine, e.g. those working in Covid wards. But since they are also the most exposed, other protective equipment and procedures can be used there, and no vaccine is 100% effective in any case. You will still need the protective equipment and procedures.

  2. People who work with at-risk patients, e.g. like elderly care. But it takes more than a month for full effect for the vaccines that I know of (ten days for partial immunity to appear, then a second dose after a month, and another ten days for full effect), and it protects risk groups but doesn't do much to limit general spread in society.

  3. People with lots of general contacts, e.g. primary care staff, pharmacy clerks, emergency care personnel, and so on. The goal here is to protect a group that has lots of contacts with other people, and thus runs both a high risk of unknowingly being exposed to and exposing others to the virus.

It's similar to the thinking I had for the general rollout, where a Swedish study of occupation and risk gave bus and taxi drivers a four to five times higher risk of contracting Covid than the general population. The goal here is to not only protect individual people, but to limit spread in society as quickly as possible.

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Sjung aldrig denna sång för mej

[personal profile] thette and H complained about earworms at dinner yesterday. That led to me writing the following:

Sjung aldrig denna sång för mej
Den fastnar i min hjärna
Den tar sej in som glittersprej
Det finns ej sätt att värna
Och sjung sen ej en Argo-scen
Ej Rick, stor rymd, ej styrmannen
Nej sjung aldrig denna sång för mej

Och håll nu klaffen, lyss på vad jag säger dej
Och sjung aldrig denna sång för mej!

(Ttto "Never Set the Cat on Fire")

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Down at the Old Worldcon

On November 19th 1915, Joe Hill was murdered by the State of Utah for the crime of filking.

When I sat down to write something for this year, I knew I wanted to bring something from my experiences of the Dublin Worldcon. Not necessarily the con itself, but to bring in a theme of Swedish filk, where fandom isn't a great and wondrous thing, but where we together work to make it so. I then found Joe Hill's Down in the Old Dark Mills. As is my wont lately, I have borrowed liberally from both the original song—Down by the Old Mill Stream (Youtube)—and Joe Hill's lyrics.

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I guess my new lyrics went a different direction than I first intended, but I still think the theme of the new and the old fandom is something worthwhile.

All my Joe Hill filks.

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Poop Eyrie

The space exploration panels at Dublin 2019 turned out to have a specific theme, and when Saturday's filk circle ended up with three new songs written during the con, I could do no worse. These two elements combined to this filk sacrilege, which caused [personal profile] bedlamhouse to call me a very very bad person.

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Two Good Omens filks

Continued discussion with [personal profile] thette yesterday about Good Omens and Common Metre led to the following two songs being written, usable with any CM melody.

Ineffable Husbands

My husbands were ineffable
and camp it was their sign
They went through fire without fear
convinced that this is fine

A sword it is a useful tool
to lighten up the way
to slay the lion chasing you
and rebel, as they say

The International Express Man

He was unarmed, but touch'd by none
as he walk'd through the room
he pass'd the strife and pass'd the guns
and brought the sword of doom

He tugg'd the sleeve of Sable's arm
and ask'd for his receipt
and Famine he turn'd on his charm
receiving scales so neat

By river Uck a sinking swan
is given Chalky's stare
And the brave delivery man
the crown gave in his care

Now nearly finish'd with the route
a message still was key
"I love you" written he walk'd out
Said simply "Come and See"

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The Justice League Moustache

It should be readily apparent that the most famous song involving a moustache should be rewritten to cover the most famous moustache in Hollywood, or perhaps the most famous absence of a moustache.

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The original version is the French "Les Moustaches", written by Gérard Gustin and Maurice Tézé, and presented by Sacha Distel (Youtube). However, I encountered the song in Swedish translation at Club Sunkit, a club specialising in strange, obscure, and forgotten music. Several Swedish bands in the late 60s and early 70s covered the song, and Sunkit gave the song a renaissance in the early 2000s with the cover by Thore Callmars Orkester (Youtube). And the moustache in this song is of course Henry Cavill's one in the Justice League movie.

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It Hurts

Well, that didn't take long.

Because of course Crowley of Good Omens needs a Eurovision Song Contest filk, here is the English version of "Jag är ond", though it's not really a translation, more a new and separate filking of the "It Hurts" (Youtube), performed by Lena Ph at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Yes, the chorus has only changed a single line.

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