Down at the Old Worldcon

On November 19th 1915, Joe Hill was murdered by the State of Utah for the crime of filking.

When I sat down to write something for this year, I knew I wanted to bring something from my experiences of the Dublin Worldcon. Not necessarily the con itself, but to bring in a theme of Swedish filk, where fandom isn't a great and wondrous thing, but where we together work to make it so. I then found Joe Hill's Down in the Old Dark Mills. As is my wont lately, I have borrowed liberally from both the original song—Down by the Old Mill Stream (Youtube)—and Joe Hill's lyrics.

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I guess my new lyrics went a different direction than I first intended, but I still think the theme of the new and the old fandom is something worthwhile.

All my Joe Hill filks.

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Poop Eyrie

The space exploration panels at Dublin 2019 turned out to have a specific theme, and when Saturday's filk circle ended up with three new songs written during the con, I could do no worse. These two elements combined to this filk sacrilege, which caused [personal profile] bedlamhouse to call me a very very bad person.

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Two Good Omens filks

Continued discussion with [personal profile] thette yesterday about Good Omens and Common Metre led to the following two songs being written, usable with any CM melody.

Ineffable Husbands

My husbands were ineffable
and camp it was their sign
They went through fire without fear
convinced that this is fine

A sword it is a useful tool
to lighten up the way
to slay the lion chasing you
and rebel, as they say

The International Express Man

He was unarmed, but touch'd by none
as he walk'd through the room
he pass'd the strife and pass'd the guns
and brought the sword of doom

He tugg'd the sleeve of Sable's arm
and ask'd for his receipt
and Famine he turn'd on his charm
receiving scales so neat

By river Uck a sinking swan
is given Chalky's stare
And the brave delivery man
the crown gave in his care

Now nearly finish'd with the route
a message still was key
"I love you" written he walk'd out
Said simply "Come and See"

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The Justice League Moustache

It should be readily apparent that the most famous song involving a moustache should be rewritten to cover the most famous moustache in Hollywood, or perhaps the most famous absence of a moustache.

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The original version is the French "Les Moustaches", written by Gérard Gustin and Maurice Tézé, and presented by Sacha Distel (Youtube). However, I encountered the song in Swedish translation at Club Sunkit, a club specialising in strange, obscure, and forgotten music. Several Swedish bands in the late 60s and early 70s covered the song, and Sunkit gave the song a renaissance in the early 2000s with the cover by Thore Callmars Orkester (Youtube). And the moustache in this song is of course Henry Cavill's one in the Justice League movie.

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It Hurts

Well, that didn't take long.

Because of course Crowley of Good Omens needs a Eurovision Song Contest filk, here is the English version of "Jag är ond", though it's not really a translation, more a new and separate filking of the "It Hurts" (Youtube), performed by Lena Ph at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest.

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Yes, the chorus has only changed a single line.

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The Holly and the Ivy

I discovered the English carol "The Holly and the Ivy" thanks to Heather Dale's album Perpetual Gift. The similar phonetics with Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy then had a natural outcome after a dive into various fan wikis.

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Note that my set of lyrics fit poorly with Heather's way of singing at times, other versions are easier to follow along with, if you don't already know the tune. And if you want to sing "Harley" instead of "Holly", feel free to go ahead.

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Song from Utanmyra

I haven't written much lately, and those songs I did write were a bit varied in quality or were quite narrow in their topics. But here is an English translation of a Swedish folk song and jazz standard: Visa från Utanmyra (notation), with modern lyrics by Björn Lindroth, written in 1963 and most famously recorded by Monica Zetterlund (Youtube).

Content warning: the song is about rape and rape culture.

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Right now my translation has focused on faithfulness to the original, and I'd be happy to receive comments, both on singability and the appropriateness of some of the lyrics.

The tune itself is known from the 18th century, as Olof von Dalin wrote a set of lyrics to the tune then. That one is wholly unrelated to Lindroth's text.

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