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Fan Mother's Lullaby - Brasklapp [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fan Mother's Lullaby [Oct. 23rd, 2014|05:08 pm]

Back at Loncon 3, I performed Fanmors vaggsång together with Hulda at an open mic session, and I also did a spoken word translation of it. Now, getting a proper translation to English of it (or for that matter the original song) proved trickier.

But I think I've managed.

Eleven small fans have been tucked into bed
and stapled to the bed's linen
then fan-mother sings to eleven small fans
the most beautiful words she knows
Gosh wow wow boy oh boy
Gosh wow wow boy oh boy
Gosh wow wow boy oh boy boy
Gosh wow wow boy oh boy

The original song is still under copyright, but here are notes (though the notes I have at home are one half-tone higher) and the original version in several different styles.